Give Your Grill a Checkup

Spring has arrived, and as you prepare the inside and outside of your home for the warmer weather, don’t forget to inspect one of the main focal points of every patio or deck: the Grill.

Your grill probably got a good workout last summer and fall, but has likely gone dormant in the winter months. So while you are sweeping off the patio and moving your outdoor furniture back to its place in the sun, take a few minutes to give your grill its annual checkup:

  1. Clean the exterior. Use warm soapy water to gently wipe down the outside of your grill. Be sure to wash in the same direction as the finish to avoid streaks in the stainless steel.
  2. Clean the interior. Scrub the inside surfaces, grates and burners with a nylon brush, a wire brush or a non-scratch sponge. Use a dish soap and water combination to more thoroughly wipe down the interior, and dry it completely.
  3. Inspect the condition of the grids and heat shields. Since you place the food on the grids, you’ll want to make sure they are free from rust. If you see rust or holes on the heat plates, your food may be cooked unevenly. Replace them if they are not in good condition.
  4. Check your propane tank. Check for leaks by applying soapy water and watching for bubbles. Be sure the tank is full. We recommend having a backup tank on hand in case you run out of gas in the middle of cooking.
  5. Consider replacing parts instead of the entire grill. Ordering replacement parts can extend the life of your grill, and make an older grill cook like its brand new. is a great resource for replacing hard to find parts.  

So take a few minutes to be sure your grill is safe and in working order. Then enjoy being outdoors and the fun times grilling out with your family and friends this season!

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