Giving the Gift of Jewelry This Valentine’s Day? Here’s Some Advice

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and many people will be looking for the perfect gift to give that special person in their lives. Along with flowers, candy, and a fancy dinner out, one of the most popular and much loved Valentine’s Day gifts is jewelry.

But if you’re going to make the investment in jewelry, Rivers Insurance Group offers you two important pieces of advice:

(1) Buy from a reputable jeweler and

(2) Have the jewelry insured

Buy From a Reputable Jeweler

Since jewelry can be expensive, you’ll want to buy from someone you can trust. Ask your network of friends and coworkers for a referral, and look for someone who has been in business for a while.

A jeweler should listen to what you are looking for and want, and should not try to steer you towards a particular item. Always buy jewelry you can see in person, and avoid buying jewelry from the Internet or off of the TV.

Find out about the jeweler’s policy on returns, and have the item appraised by an independent, third party appraiser.

Have the Jewelry Insured

Because your jewelry can have both a monetary and emotional value, we recommend having your jewelry insured. Insurance can protect you from loss, theft and damage.

Most insurance companies need an appraisal, your sales receipt and a photograph of your item in order to insure it. If your jewelry has been passed down from a relative or is an antique and you don’t have the sales paperwork, we recommended having the item appraised.

The reality is that we live life with our jewelry, and things are bound to happen. Have your jewelry insured, and if your stone washes down the garbage disposal or your necklace comes unclasped while chasing your toddler around the park, you’ll be protected. Call Rivers Insurance today for more information.

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