Tips for a Beautiful Yard

The snow and ice are gone for another year, but they likely wreaked havoc on your yard. What’s left behind, if it’s still alive, probably needs a little TLC to get it back in prime condition for the upcoming summer months.

Here are a few tips for giving your yard the gentle facelift it needs:

  • Remove debris. Check your yard for fallen branches, clumps of dry leaves, and mulch that escaped its beds. All of this debris can prevent the grass underneath from getting light and sun. Take a light rake to your yard and landscaping beds, and dispose of it as necessary.
  • Inspect your yard for damage. Check for puddles of water, dangling branches, and damaged landscaping due to the cold and winds of winter. Take note of what you can repair, or what may be delegated to a professional landscaper.
  • Edge your yard. The clean, crisp line between your sidewalks, landscaping beds, and your lawn does wonders for your yard’s aesthetics. It can be made with an edger, a spade, concrete, rocks or stones. Landscape edging makes your yard look uniform, organized and finished.
  • Weeding and pruning. Most landscaping beds are taken over by weeds during the winter months. Why weeds grow faster than anything we purposefully plant remains a landscaping mystery. Take the time and remove these weeds at their root. Prune those overgrown shrubs and trees, too.
  • Mulching and planting. Your final effort in making your yard more beautiful is with the new life you plant, and the mulch that protects it. Consider the size and color you want to add to your landscaping beds, how big the plants will get, and if they will get the sun or shade they require.

Rivers Insurance Group is committed to helping you make your yard beautiful this spring. By taking a few necessary steps, you can make your yard beautiful again, so it’s ready for you to enjoy this season.

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